Bringing Innovation to your Renovation

As part of our service at Shard Renovations Ltd, we do complete renovations of bedrooms including re-designing the layouts of bedrooms and installing quality furniture to the highest standard.

These services include wardrobe, cabinet, lighting and flooring installation, as well as altering the size of the room and installing an ensuite if requested. We also offer conversion services, so that you may transform a loft or garage into a spacious bedroom should you wish. Our business has over 30 years of experience in the renovation industry and so our teams are knowledgeable about how best to bring your ideas and wants to life, while also having the capability to answer any queries you may have. You can also have complete peace of mind that the service you are receiving is of the highest standard, and that your bedroom will be left looking like it has come straight out of a showroom.

Energy Saving

On average 25% or 30% of heat from a home can be lost through the windows. Just one single pane of glass, unprotected, can lose up to ten times more heat than an insulated wall of the same size.

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