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If you are planning to renovate or refurbish your house, you need to be assured that you are dealing with professionals who are well-equipped to provide a service that best suits your needs.

At Shard Renovations Ltd, we make refurbishing your house easy with our well-trained, hardworking teams that have over 30 years’ experience in the renovations industry. We offer a wide array of refurbishment services including large projects such as brickwork and roofing, as well as smaller tasks like painting and decorating to name a few. If you can think of a way that your home needs improving, we almost certainly offer a service to meet that requirement! Our team love what they do, and will ensure that all work is done to the highest standard possible, and in the least disturbing way possible. Our teams also ensure that after work is completed, the work area is left extremely clean and tidy, using dust sheets and carpet protector along with other cleaning materials. A full list of the refurbishment services we offer is outlined below:

Energy Saving

On average 25% or 30% of heat from a home can be lost through the windows. Just one single pane of glass, unprotected, can lose up to ten times more heat than an insulated wall of the same size.

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