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At Shard Renovations Ltd, we prioritise providing the highest quality service for the most affordable and greatest value prices, with all of the services that we provide.

This is no different with the service we provide in installing both traditional and modern kitchens. We can ensure that your needs will be put first, and that you will have clear and constant communication with our installations teams to ensure that your kitchen looks and functions exactly how you would like. Whether you are looking for a large, family sized kitchen or a smaller, more compact kitchen, we can install the perfect kitchen for you, working with your budget rather than stretching it. Our installation teams are friendly, hardworking and always available to answer any questions that you may have while the job is being completed, giving you complete control and peace of mind that you are being provided with a top quality service.

Energy Saving

On average 25% or 30% of heat from a home can be lost through the windows. Just one single pane of glass, unprotected, can lose up to ten times more heat than an insulated wall of the same size.

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