Bringing Innovation to your Renovation

New build annexes are growing in popularity, due to the fact that they are both a quick and cost effective solution to creating more space.

As costs escalate in the care and property sectors, it is important that families now have an alternative option when looking for housing arrangements. Whether you are looking at providing an elderly family member with privacy while keeping them within close proximity to the family, or creating more space for a younger family member, our annexes can be tailored exactly to your needs. You get full control on an array of different customisation options, including how you would like the layout of the building to look and how large you would like the building to be, for example. Our teams take great care in ensuring that all work is done to a high standard, and will converse with you at each step in the construction of your annexe.

Energy Saving

On average 25% or 30% of heat from a home can be lost through the windows. Just one single pane of glass, unprotected, can lose up to ten times more heat than an insulated wall of the same size.

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